Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


"Hey Mister, you wanna buy some FREE ZEN?" said the ZEN Master to the slightly lost looking guy walking down the street toward him.
"But ZEN Master!" exclaimed the guy, straightening up, questioning, a little indignant, "I thought ZEN was supposed to be free!"
"Ahh, well done, Mister," said the ZEN Master with a happy chortle. "Indeed it is all FREE ZEN... but you see this only when you claim it, only when you remember to be ZEN."
The Mister smiled to himself- a small smile of satisfaction as he continued, walking a little taller, a little clearer, down the street.

Leigh Friesen has lived a lifetime of story, groove & song. His song still goes on, his story grows on and his groove changes endlessly and relentlessly over his life's time. His life's time measured in beats, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades and now almost half a century, Leigh has spent the time loving and discovering. He has been writing new songs, jammin' new feels and creating sounds through novel chords and melodies, new instruments and ever-changing technologies. Leigh Friesen is always seeking, reaching and moving toward something. He is entering yet another new phase of musical, spiritual, emotional, physical and technical growth, emerging toward something he is calling and is encompassed within: FREE ZEN. Leigh is approaching, developing and living into FREE ZEN through... after... during... years of yogic work and study of the breath, performances of musical Kirtan in yoga studios, street busking and van living while learning to use looped vocal sounds. Over the past few years, Leigh has mastered the delayed stringed instruments of banjo, uke & guitar, all to the backdrop of learning to play foot percussion and develop his platform of groove.

Leigh can be seen rocking a right footed kick pedal on a Cajon drum and with his left foot playing a custom tambourine or maracas to create a driving backbeat behind vocals and instruments. FREE ZEN has Leigh Friesen scratching his multi-tasking head while trying to rub his one track belly, 'cause that's where the FREE ZEN Groove lives.