Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Introduction to Palm Reading

This conference will teach people the basics of cheirolodgy and cheirognomy: the study of the hand lines and hand shapes. I will talk about the history of palmistry and lead into different aspects of hand analysis such as hand elements, finger/astrological relations, mounts and major and minor lines. I will provide interactive activities where participants will practice the skills they learn with each other throughout the course of the conference, or what i like to call "speedy-palmistry" where I do quick readings for everyone (super fun!). I also provide a take-home package that will cover all of the information that will be discussed.

Bio: Sam Eid - has been practicing hand analysis (also known as Palmistry) for over 12 years now. Researching and gathering information from different cultures, Sam has been able to combine all his knowledge into a unique reading style. His readings are meant to help inspire and motivate people for seeing who they truly are and what they may be capable of. He will take you on a journey to your past to revisit some lost but definitely not forgotten memories. Sam is booked for functions, birthdays, private sessions, and even workshops.