Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Viral Authenticity

After experiencing viral fame and ridicule Paint found strength and resiliency in their authenticity. We live in a harsh world that seems to push us down and away. This conference explores the power we have when we embrace our shadows and the parts of us that make the world uncomfortable. In exposing themselves and their art to the world with their creative projects, Paint found unexpected support and resources in the kindness of others. This is the continuation of a movement where authenticity is going viral. With Viral Authencity, we inspire others to follow suit and live their best lives. Paint shares the story of their online harassment, how they overcame it, and how we can use viral authenticity knowledge to confront the bullies in our lives.

Paint is a spoken word artist based out of Edmonton, AB and they are also a chaos magician. They share their tools of transformation magick as it can apply to helping those who hurt us grow into better people. Both personal anecdotes and a template for your own transformational magick spell casting will be shared.