Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Honey and Harmony: Beekeeping Informational

Bees have a regal reputation; their sense of community and creation is a marvel of the natural world. This conference will informs people about these buzzing beauties and finish with a ceremony to connects them with the harmony they exude.

Bio: My name is Amelia Altmiks and I am a Certified Urban Beekeeper in Edmonton. Though I’ve had more then a dozen hands on experiences with bees, I’m always trying to grow my knowledge and am volunteering with the Grant MacEwan University Sustainability Club.

Topics that will be covered are:

Bee Basics
- Life cycle of a bee
- Examine an old bee box
- Discuss the importance of pollinators
- Challenges they face
- What you can do to help


Connection ceremony
The ceremony will include:
- honey
- flower petals
- seeds (for group to take home)

The group will bless the seeds and themes of gratitude, creation and love.