Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Fancy Foxx Production Masterclass

An artist not only must be savvy on how to make her art, but must also know how to promote it, and how to fuel it with creativity to ensure its quality. This leaves us with three areas of focus to grow and evolve as producers in today’s music industry: Business management, Music Production, and Mastery of oneself. We call it the BPM approach.

In 90 minutes, we’d like to share with the assistants two key things on each of the three areas of focus.

1. Business: Key tools to improve the business side of your artist career

a) Toneden: Gating service for following growth and marketing reach.
- Why is it important?
- Key Features
- Strategic uses

b) Hubspot: Relationship Management system to organize and interact with contacts.
- Why is it important?
- Key Features
- Strategic uses

2. Production: Key considerations to make better music, faster.

a) Workflow
- Samples & preset: How do manage and organize them.
- Templates: Important aspects to build in your templates.

b) Mixing
- The mixing framework: Lows, mids, highs, sides, and center
- The signal flow: Common devices to use on each kind of stem

3. Mastery: Ways to trigger creativity and combat writer's block:

a) Mandalas: How use them to boost creativity

b) The Fibonacci Sequence: How to genuinely create without pressures

At the end we’ll answer a couple of questions to further understand the discussed topics.