Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Intro to Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)

The “Intro to Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique)” seminar will begin with a brief history of Tapping and then move into how this simple, yet profound, technique can lead to incredible transformation in all areas of life. It is an opportunity to learn a new way to ground yourself and to lovingly release any habitual thought patterns, beliefs, and/or feelings that are no longer serving you. The seminar will include a demonstration of the technique, as well as some practical applications you can use immediately in your own life. In this safe space, we will complete a tapping exercise together with the intention of uplifting our energy and opening our hearts to embrace a full festival experience!

Facilitator Overview
Megan loves to engage with individuals and communities to help create meaningful and sustainable change, peace, and joy. She has been a “helper” in almost every role throughout her life, such as friend, partner, student, teacher, coworker, boss, and even total stranger (she does not hesitate to jump in on overheard conversations in the grocery line when the opportunity presents itself…). She is most energized by the growth and success of others and is excited to share the opportunity for both through Tapping with attendees of her seminar.