Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Realms of the Didjeridu

Participants will embark on a journey into realms of the Didjeridu.

Learn aspects of its historical and traditional functions.

Experience and learn about the healing effects and shamanic voyage, as well as its contemporary applications and applying it into musical compositions.

We’ll go over different techniques for circular breathing and many rhythms that will serve from beginner to more experienced.

Bring your own didgeridoo or use one provided.

Bio: Being passionate about music his whole life, Chris was entranced by the sound of the didjeridu upon his first listen in 2003. It was like a reunion of something innately familiar in this lifetime. He then became obsessed with searching everything he could to learn more about it.

Later on when he received one in 2005, he went off into the woods to listen for the sound of the didjeridu to guide him in learning. As there wasn't anyone around teaching at the time. Since then,he has learned from deep listening and he has apprenticed with renowned Didjeridu Master Shine.

Chris does sound journeys, offers one on one sound healing sessions as well as didjeridu lessons on the Sunshine Coast.

Currently, he is in the process of recording a Sound Journey album, as well as an album with his band Heofon.