Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Beyond Boots and Cats: Exploring the Art of Beatbox

The first portion of the workshop will be focused on learning the three basic sounds (kick drum, hi-hat, snare) and how to formulate beats using sounds that you already know. We will cover the basic biology and structure of the vocal mechanisms and how to experiment with your voice to discover new sounds and tones.
In the second portion we will reveal the mysteries behind advanced sounds that professional beatboxers are using to truly transform themselves into a human synthesizer.
Make sure to bring your face.

Jesse Harder began playing drums when he was 10, and guitar when he was 13. He drummed for a band called Midnight Runners for about 8 years, playing most of the bars in Vancouver. In his private time he became obsessed in studying musical theory and began writing acoustic guitar instrumentals. The band broke up and he began to teach guitar and drums privately from his home. He loved the craft so much he didn't think there was any room for his love of music to grow, but it wasn't until he discovered beatboxing and looping that he truly found his musical passion. He was possessed by the beat. He soon lost the ability to sneak up on people, as there seemed to be a constant barrage of sound effects coming from his mouth. Beatboxing took over his mind, body and soul, and Scribbly Doodle was born.

Teamed up with his musical compadre Owlchemist (Jayden Doan) they look to expand on this passion and spread the love of beatboxing to the world.