Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Bees 101

My name is Amelia Altmiks and I am a Certified Urban Beekeeper in Edmonton, Alberta. This summer is my 3rd season beekeeping. I volunteer with the Grant MacEwan University Sustainability Club 6 hives and help my neighbour with her single hive. I love beekeeping; it reminds me of my connection to nature and the importance of preserving one’s ecosystem. I hope to leave festival-goers informed about what they can do to help these buzzing beauties and empowered with their connection to the environment.

Topics that will be covered…
- Bee basics (life cycle of a bee, roles in the hive)
- The importance of pollinators
- Challenges bees face in Canadian climates
- How climate change affects the bee population
- What you can do to help