Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Beyond Boots & Cats - Exploring the Art of Beatbox

Beatboxing isn't just about learning an instrument - it's becoming a magician, casting spells out of your face. It is the music of the future, and at the same time one of the most ancient art forms that has ever existed. It was born the day a caveman tried to imitate the rustle of the wind, or the crackle of a fire. Now, we can make ourselves sound like almost anything we want. And when it comes to music this is a pretty powerful idea. Because why buy a new instrument when you can evolve into one?

Come and let Scribbly Doodle and Owlchemist change the way you think about music. The first portion of the conference will be focused on learning the three basic sounds (kick drum, hi-hat, snare) and how to formulate beats using language based sounds that you already know. We will cover the basic biology and structure of the vocal mechanisms and how to experiment with your voice to discover new sounds and tones.

In the second portion we will reveal the mysteries behind advanced sounds that professional beatboxers are using to truly transform themselves into human synthesizers, and how you can do the same for yourselves.

All we ask is that you have fun, and make sure to bring your face ;)

Well, we could write a lengthy bio about who we are and why you should trust us to teach you the art of beatbox. But really, If you want to know about us, the best way is by seeing our work in action, and to let it speak for itself.
Please follow these links to watch us make music. Stoked to see you at the conference :)