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Crystal Reiki Healing & Intuition Training

The Divine Light Tribe has come to spark the light of the divine within you in this meditative, healing and intuition building workshop. We are two seasoned practitioners in the healing universe and we are delighted to have joined forces to bring you a very special, exceptional experience. Ella Rempel is crystal shamanic reiki practitioner and instructor who will lead you on a quest to heal your soul and radiate divine light in everything that you do. Cody Spierenburg is an accredited intuitive life coach and intuitive healer who has come to open your inner knowing and tap into your divine truth through intuition. Together they will lead you on a journey towards inner healing and higher knowing.

As you may already know, healing can take place in a myriad of ways and we are offering a blended technique of crystal reiki energy healing and intuitive healing.

Reiki is the "spiritually guided life force energy" and is based on the belief that when spiritual energy is channeled through a practitioner, the patient's spirit is healed, which also heals the body. Ella channels this energy to heal and sooth her patients and uses crystals, earths's naturally occurring geometric structures which harness and transmit energy, to enhance the healing. In this conference Ella will be taking us on a journey of example and instruction on how we can use crystal reiki healing in our everyday life to elevate our wellbeing.

Intuition is the knowing of the inner-self and is an immediate understanding of something. Intuition is contrasted with rational conscious thinking. It is synonymous to what we often call instinct or gut feeling. In this conference Cody will be training us how to recognize and tap into our intuition to bring clarity and a greater sense of knowing to our lives. He will be guiding us on how to intuitively recognize any limiting pattern or block that has arisen and how to clear it for good.

The blending of the two special techniques creates a dynamic and unique approach to personal healing while new and timeless methodologies will assist in easing any burdens we encounter along our journeys.

Ella Rempel is an intuitive light worker and certified crystal healer, reiki master and shamanic practitioner residing in Castlegar, British Columbia. She is the proud mama of two beautiful children. She owns her own holistic healing business, has has lead healing circles all over B.C. and has her own tarot reading and meditation YouTube channel.

Cody Spierenburg is a certified intuitive life coach and healer residing in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. He has been on a spiritual journey of study and meditation for the better part of the last decade. He has worked with intuitive healers and masters around the world to develop his intuitive healing practice and has help his clients overcome even the stingiest of blocks and limiting patterns.

They are both overjoyed to lead you in this transformational conference this weekend.

Many Blessings,
Divine Light Tribe