Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Introduction to Magic

Intro to Magic is a lecture on the history of magical practices and principles as they are found in the western tradition. Storyteller, performer, and scholar of old things, William-Zakkary will play guide on this tour through the history of magic, covering practical concepts, the modern evolution, and a discussion of present schools. With a background in theater and bachelors in Religious Studies, Zak has continued his studies of both the theological, historical, and magical along side his artistic practices of circus and performance. He has been living, training, and performing in and around Calgary/Mohkinstsis since 2016.

The aim of this lecture is to explore the historical practices and beliefs that have built up the magical traditions of Western Europe. Starting with magical practices from the Mediterranean in antiquity, touching on medieval practices, and then moving to the high ritual magic of the 19th Century, culminating in the twentieth century figures of Crowley, Gardner, and Spare and the Right and Left hand paths. However this is not a how-to course where everyone comes out casting circles and speaking with Jinn. This is meant as an introduction to the ideas of magic as a practice and as an art, the intention being to give a grounding in the serious practices of magic that can serve as a launching off point for ones own personal journey.