Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Appreciation or Appropriation

In this important time of Truth and Reconciliation in Canada, many people, artists and audiences alike are asking questions with regard to how to reconcile, how to navigate the tropes and stereotypes of past policies on culture and art, and how to be good allies. Christine Sokaymoh Frederick will lead a talk on the evolution of Indigenous culture and art on this land and how politics and society, including its technology, has detrimentally affected both our unique and collective identities as well as advanced our access to knowledge and the resurgence of Indigenous cultures the world over.

Christine will give perspective on the vocabulary of this movement (the difference between Indian, Aboriginal and Indigenous, for example), the wise practices for land acknowledgements, and the difference and danger between Appreciation and Appropriation of culture and art. Using her whole life's artistic experience, family stories and the perspectives shared by artists and art practitioners from across Turtle Island, Christine will share her passion and humour for this revolution and hopefully create, heal and inspire for greater understanding and greater relationships!