Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Destination Homo Luminous

Join us for an introductory tour around the human being and dig down to the essence of our wiring as creatures of connection. Sourcing from Dr. Gordon Neufeld’s body of work on attachment theory and in alignment with current neuroscience research, the attachment-based developmental approach seeks to make sense of our human needs and instincts, as opposed to offering ‘one size fits all’ strategies or prescriptions to change human behaviour. Attachment is so much more than just bonding between a mother and an infant. It is the science of relationship and what makes us human. If we understand our nature as homo sapiens, then we afford ourselves the luxury of being able to ask the question: what is next for our species?

Eugena bio:
Eugena, named Tawahaskiy Iskwew, or Earth Woman, by a Cree elder, is a registered social worker and has been training in shamanic healing since 2009. On a personal quest to heal herself fully and serve Great spirit, Eugena can be spotted walking her destiny out into the world- a life purpose that has been revealed as a simple, 2 word mandate: Be Love. She is a former “struggling” foster parent and creator of the Parenting Human Beings (PHB) podcast, a show for people who are passionate about the future of our species and want to create optimal conditions for children to develop, one nervous system at a time! Limping into adulthood and trying to make sense of her own childhood and mother’s suicide, Eugena fatefully stumbled upon the work of Dr. Gordon Neufeld, among others. She was deeply inspired, which brought her into her current role as helper, healer, ceremonialist and facilitator, who is passionate about bridging ancient wisdom to the modern world in a practical, meaningful and personal way. Through years of deep inner work and play, hitting the books, and healing, Eugena has discovered what drives us as human beings: our need for connection.