Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Ayahuaska and Medicine Plants Quest

Pachakuteq Espinoza is a medicine man from Cusco and descends from the Indigenous Andean people of Peru. His family
has been very dedicated in honoring and preserving their roots and have inspired him to continue the ancient traditions
and healing techniques of the Inka civilization. He has been connected with the spirits from the Apu (sacred mountains)
and Pachamama (mother earth) his entire life according with the cultural traditions of Cusco, Peru. Pachakuteq has 18
years of experience in ancient Inkan ceremonies, Essene therapy healing which is a scared ancient technique for improving
to heal the physical and phycological body illness as well as Andean musical therapy sessions combined with activities like
reiki music and sweat lodge ceremony. Join Pacha for a conversation about the magical plants used in traditional Andean shamanic ceremonies.