Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

The Inclusion Paradox

During this conference, we will discuss, contemplate, and consider the multi-faceted paradox of 'Inclusion'. We'll talk about what it means to be included, and what it feels like to be excluded and all the layers in between. We will look at what it takes for inclusion to occur and where the responsibility to create and sustain an inclusive environment lies. We will also ponder the ideas around containership, exclusive relationships, and strategies for communicating boundaries and feedback. All are welcome!

Kaylee is an Elementary Teacher, Inclusive Education Consultant, and life long learner. She's passionate about learning what it takes to build community and connection (as well as unearthing what seems to get in our way). She is well on her way to discovering the many mysteries of the Inclusion Paradox and uses workshops as a means to explore the topic in order to deepen her own conceptualization of what it means to be inclusive and to be included.