Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Vibe Riser: Transformational Integration Workshop

How can we take what we have learnt/experienced and put it into practice to really create change in our lives, in our communities and on the planet?

People all over the world are engaging in different activities and events that are transforming their lives. They are being awakened to new ways of living with regard to a variety of topics: health, sustainability, the environment and new emotional, mental, spiritual ways of being, etc. We are in a time where there are a lot of great ideas on alternative ways of living and taking care of ourselves and our planet. However, most of us live in diverse communities with people who may not hold the same beliefs and values. It is one thing to make change on a personal level but to really create and sustain true change beyond ourselves, we need to work together as a collective and integrate into our communities.

This interactive seminar is designed to look through the lens of the breakthrough at how to continue to be inspired to be the change we wish to see in the world. Through a series of partner and group exercises we will explore transformation. Integration is often missing during and after events that spark learning, new experiences or create transformation. This conference will help assist people with “grounding in” to their daily lives and community in a sustainable way.

The Goals
1) Sense of communing with each other on the topic of transformation and integration
2) Tangible tools to assist in integrating the transformation

About the Facilitators:
Heidi Germann has been working with communities in BC and abroad (San Diego, London, Egypt, Lebanon, Mexico) in various capacities for the last 20 years doing humanitarian work, social work and community economic development. She has a real heart to see people and communities grow, develop and thrive in a holistic, socially, environmentally, economically responsible way. She has spent the last year travelling India, Thailand and Costa Rica.

Terra Entheos is mother of three. She is continuously pushed by the planetary needs of her family while being pulled by her deep calling to inspire her children and fellow earth walkers to listen to the guidance of spirit to serve our earth mother. Her experience is interwoven through her passion for lifelong learning and solutions to our present global challenges. After years working with people in crisis and then transitioning to community organizing she currently works for Envision Festival in Costa Rica in myriad of roles.