Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Alchemy of Consciousness

Alchemy of Consciousness ~ Kundalini Awakening, Longevity, Self Reclamation, Raising the Chrism & Cracking the Codes of the Matrix to Know the Power Within

You are Infinite Limitless Light.

In this conversation we will dive deeply into the actuality of the potential of the self ~ your true nature as a manifest divine being of Infinite Bliss ... from the unreal to the real ... and from the real to what may appear to be surreal, yet actualized and known.

We will embrace the philosophies of sacred traditions & timely relavations ~ from the esoteric & occult to the scientific & medical, from the indigenous & ancient to the modern & futuristic ~ all to bring an illuminating innerstanding of the Light that is held within.

We will explore the nature of Kundalini Awakening, Astrotheology, Syncritism, sacred & generative sexuality, bio-hacking, human history, spirituality embodied, natural medicines, Lightwork & SoundHealing, & most importantly embrace cracking the code on the matrix of manipulation while de-spelling the self from limitation. ~ Step into yourself here & now, Divinely Conscious, as you are the one you've been waiting for.

* This is a philosophical conversation with added experiential practices of SoundHealing & other consciousness shifting treats to be embraced with the group over the duration of the lecture.

Personal Bio:

I have been exploring the path of mysticism, spirituality, & longevity since I was a young child. Over my lifetime I've been blessed to study with many Elders, Gurus, Shamen, & wisdom teachers of many traditions. Embodied with a lifetime of many years of study in traditional martial arts, the yogic traditions, esoteric & metaphysical arts/sciences, as well as the practice of a kind and conscious way of living, I am forever inspired and grateful to learn and share.

My passion for exploring truth & well-being has guided me all over the world to study and share the beliefs, concepts, & ways of being of many traditions centered around Love & Enlightenment.
My intensive study and practice has granted me authenticity, ability & certification in many forms of yogic teaching, Lightwork & SoundHealing, crystal healing, working with herbal & sacred medicines and many forms of practice that allow the personal to unite with the Infinite.

I am blessed within my career to offer regular classes teaching many forms of yoga: from astute exploration of asana; to meditative journeys of Yoga Nidra; to my exploration of breath, sound, & consciousness through offerings of Classical Kundalini Yoga. I also offer regular classes and workshops in the art of SoundHealing, educating about the infinitely transformative powers of sound. My work with sound allows the exploration of transformation though sonic/vocal intonement (healing with the Voice & Intention), crystal singing bowls, and many forms of musical instruments.

My passion for learning & teaching has allowed me to facilitate yoga teacher trainings (200hr & 500hr), medicine journeys, workshops, energy healing/Lightwork trainings, healing ceremonies & transformational experiences at sacred gatherings & beautiful spaces all over the world. It is such an honour & excitement to share this wonderful experience of life, together & always.
~Blessings to your heart and Soul.
Infinite Limitless Light, Love & Bliss
AUM Shanti