Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Bubblenauts Giant Bubble Workshop

Bubbles are little Balls of fascination and Joy. I've found they awaken the kid inside us all, whether you're a 'Popper' or a 'Watcher',
this workshop would be broken into two sections, a 20 min workshop, and then bubble blowing for approximately 1 hour (or until the fluid is used up).
The workshop section will discuss the formula for giant bubbles, as well as the best way to get a consistently good mix. we then discuss the creation of various apparatuses for blowing bubbles, (wands, sticks, straws, etc). Depending on the time and the crowd, I am also prepared to discuss the environmental impact of bubbles.
Depending on the location of the workshop I would like to lead a bubble parade somewhere through the festival, otherwise it would be an hour of free bubble blowing. I will have enough wands built for the festival, as well as a number of recycled/ 3D printed bubble blowers.
This is a very kid friendly workshop.
Gold coin donations welcome ($1-2)