Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

The Magic of Music

The Magic of Music Children’s workshop is designed to allow youth to explore the many interesting aspects of sound creation and sound application with songs they know and like, while using samples and effects on controllers, drum pads, and samplers.

This is perhaps the only flashy and fun buttons on expensive equipment that they are encouraged to play with throughout their regular life, so lets allow them to explore!

With over 2 years experience teaching DJ and music lessons to all ages of youth in schools and community centres, Crystal Fresh is well-equipped to facilitate a healing and learning experience for children with music.

With hundreds of child-friendly samples, effects, and songs, such as Sponge Bob, Spider Man, Pokemon, and many more, Crystal sets up an amazing explorative environment for the kids to explore with different sounds and connect movements with their hands and the beat of the songs they want to play.

Watch their self-confidence grow as they learn how to flow with the music in this amazing workshop for youth.