Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Community is Unity - Family Drum Circle

Community is Unity Family Drum Circle:
Beginning with a drum demonstration, and jam to get the vibe right! Everyone will given a shaker to decorate and take home with them. After our shakers are made we will use our new instruments to learn and explore rhythms and grooves. Participants are invited to also bring their own drums and other percussive instruments. We introduce and instruct; call echo, simple grooves, and full on guided jams. The more the merrier!!

The Buzzroc's approach drum circles believing in the message, community is unity. We all have a heart beat and can connect as one through the drum! They love to share the joy of drumming and jamming together with others! The BuzzRoc's are founding members of Tribal Vibes Wildfire Productions and have been wowing audiences for the past 13 years with their; rhythms, grooves, fire dancing, snake dancing and LED light shows. Coming up this summer Tribal Vibes Wild Fire will be featured at Cathedral Village Arts Festival, Ness Creek Music Festival and Aloha Fest to name a few!