Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Coloured Sensory Mandala Making Workshop

Workshop 2: Coloured sensory art mandala for kids.
In this workshop, kids compose their visual masterpieces using coloured sand. In Tibetan cultures, sand paintings are typically mandalas. Miss Karebear shares basic brush and line techniques used, and each child walks away with a small work of art. Abstract or concrete, everyone will enjoy mixing colourful sands with their hands.

Karebelle has been teaching and facilitating all sorts of movement classes and performances since 16 years of age. She has also had the great pleasure of traveling to teach and perform in countries across the continent and oceans. In 2010 she founded her own dance business, Kmotion Dance.

She truly believes dancing is an essential tool in developing personal clarity and creativity through bodily expression and sensation. She is ecstatic to share in a creative, playful, divine way with you at this marvellous festival!