Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Double Staffs: Box Theory

Box Theory is about breaking down staff movement so that anyone can master any pattern! Grids will help you unlock you total staff manipulation power. This is a workshop for anyone beginner to advanced.
I have been a prop spinner for nearly 7 years. I began spinning props with the Object Manipulation Club of the U of L. Since then I have performed at many events, including Astral Harvest, North Country Fair, South Country Fair, Lethbridge Art Walk, Lila's Angels, and the Grande Prairie Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies. Many of the performances were done as part of The Circus of Hell. I have also lead and hosted many workshops. As a board member and instructor at the St Paul & District Arts Foundation, I have hosted introductory circus props workshops. I also understand the importance of good instruction as I am a teacher by trade.