Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Introduction To Levitation Wand

Join us for an introduction to the mysteries of the levitation wand! This flow prop is easy to learn, but difficult to master - Yet offers something for everyone! Learn basic technique, try more advanced tricks, and explore variations in spirals and movement that compliment the wands natural flow!
Wind Dancer Atreyu (Justin K) is a resident of Edmonton, AB, who discovered the world of flow props five years ago at Astral Harvest 2013 - And has been hooked to hula hoops and levitation wands since!

Having found passion and satisfaction for years prior through dance, circus props provided an additional layer of expression; another mechanism allowing the characters we create through the drama of dance and motion to come to life.

He is passionate advocate for urban gardening, sustainable green spaces, and community engagement. Recently he has found satisfaction in sharing his appreciation for levitation wand, and exploring character performance. If you see him in character creepin' about the edge of the dance floor, say hello!