Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Partner Thai Massage

Bring a friend, or make a new one! Unravel each other’s myofascial chains with intentional touch and assisted stretches. A partner’s manual therapy invites movement into areas that are too stuck to access alone, melting connective tissue that builds up between muscle fibres and allowing energy to flow more freely.
Kim’s life balances with one foot in the dance world, the other in yoga, and both hands in circus. She discovered yoga through her dance training 15 years ago, was instantly drawn to the practice, and since completed multiple yoga teacher trainings (200 hour Sattva YTT, 60 hour Air Yogalates Aerial Yoga YTT, 100+ hour Adjuster’s Training at Bodhi Tree Yoga Centre) as well as a BA in Dance with a Concentration in Choreography & Performance (University of Calgary), Handstand Trainer Level 1 Certificate (Deflying Fitness), and 6 years working and training as a freelance instructor, performer and choreographer. She draws from her vast and varied experience in movement while teaching, and enjoys applying knowledge from her Thai Yoga Therapy Training with Mandorla Yoga Institute (which includes yoga therapy, Ayurveda, Thai massage, and Marma therapy) to awaken awareness, and repattern/balance bodies and minds for optimal efficiency and living. Her professional practice is dubbed Soul Satisfaction, because it seeks the deep and authentic reflection, expression, connection, and fulfillment that make art and life worthwhile.