Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Learn to Sing! Children's Voice & Rhythm Workshop

Learn to sing! children's voice & rhythm workshop is a fun, light-hearted intro to singing and rhythm for children of all ages—no music experience required. I will take the kids through a series of dynamic vocal warm-ups, including sirens, scales, annunciation, and breathing exercises, and then move on to call-and-response, improvising, and clapping rhythms. We will learn 1-3 songs (depending on the pace of the participants) incorporating the aforementioned aspects, all whilst having LOADS of fun and probably doing a few jumping jacks.

Cheryl is a Vancouver-based vocalist, choral teacher, voice coach, and emerging composer originally from Edmonton, AB. She holds a Music Diploma in Voice Performance from Red Deer College, AB, and is currently pursuing her BFA Music Composition degree at SFU. She has dabbled in performing many genres—from opera to electronica—and is currently into performing contemporary experimental vocal works by local Vancouver composers. Cheryl writes for contemporary instrumental ensembles, but is now expanding into the world of theatre and film soundscapes and working on her debut musical Study Abroad. In addition to music, Cheryl is a Jack-of-all-trades and interested in everything. When she’s not at the piano bringing her strange musical brainstorming sessions to life, Cheryl can be found drinking coffee, sewing and designing clothes, painting murals, making jewelry, doing hair extensions, baking vegan cakes, running marathons, or in her CrossFit gym, pumping iron.