Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

The Art of Trapeze

Get upside down and off the ground! The dance trapeze is waiting for you as the monkey bars did back in the day. The sensation is similar, weightless and free! Sarah Visser will lead you through the basics of the art of trapeze - see you in the air!
Aerial Odyssey is a circus troupe that comes together to fly under the Interstellavator stage, joining aerials with partner acrobatics. Coming from multiple backgrounds, and cross-country from Vancouver, Edmonton, and Montreal to perform at Astral Harvest. The union emerged through their mastery and passion for the movement arts. Catch eye-opening acts on the silks, rope, trapeze, and straps to witness mesmerizing feats of twists, flips, and drops from above. The sky may be limitless, but so is the ground when it comes to the troupe's acrobatic duo who will be flipping some tricks off one another. When you see the silks flying, you know its on. Make sure to get your booty on the dance floor and look up!