Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

The Tipping Point - A Lesson in Hand Balancing

Calling all Monkeys, Circus Junkies, and Movement Seekers:

I invite you into the Upside-Down where we will heighten body awareness while practising inversions safely and functionally. Let's level up our ninja skills, reach handstand, and learn to fall without fear, every time!
I have an affinity for all things movement and play. I'm not sure how I entered into the circus world but I haven't turned back since. Currently I am practicing my upside-downs, which includes at least 1 handstand a day and refining my Performance Flow Arts. I have a passion for challenging my body to move in new ways and sharing what I know and love with other like-minded movers.

With over a decade of experience in the Artistic Gymnastics world, I have had the pleasure of teaching a wide range of age; from toddler – adult with all kinds of skill levels and differing styles of learning.