Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

"Animation" Dance

Welcome to Animation.

Come and learn how to create stories with your body to capture the attention of your audience.
This workshop will feature principals behind:
-Body Dynamics and Balance
(mastering both the upper and lower body)
-Footwork "illusions" (Glides/Moonwalks)
-Miming/Character work

All levels and All ages welcome
Michael Ortiz has been a performance machine since he could get up on two feet.. Now imagine if you put Bruce Lee, Michael Jackson, and Optimus Prime all in one 5'5" package.. well.. that's what you get when he steps up on the stage.

From humble beginnings in the Philippines, and now an Edmonton local; Michael has been passionate about three main things all his life.. Art, Martial Arts, and Dance! (and this really translates in his style of entertainment)
Teaching himself how to dance, and making his own original props and costumes, he truly is a unique performer.

The truth is, whether he is in the FlowBot suit or not.. he is always ON. From the gate line up.. until everyone is hugging and saying their goodbyes.

But you can be sure.. that when he is suited up, and once the helmet comes on.. he is 300%

..The FlowBot!