Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Community is Unity Family Drum Circle!

Tribal Vibes Wild Fire Productions has a delightful and contagious energy;
Above and beyond their energetic stage shows Tribal Vibes Wild Fire offers fun filled family drum circles! Drumming together brings joy and instant gratification to participants, something the whole family can enjoy. The tribe will break down simple rhythms, offer call and response drum songs, all leading up to a full on jam! A huge hit last year at the family fun zone lead instructors Kristy and Buzzroc wish to bring other members of the Tribe to share the joy of drumming with the peeps at Astral!

Tribal Vibes Wild Fire has presented their Community is Unity Drum Circle locally many times over the years, as well as at other festivals including Ness Creek Music Festival Big River Sask, Aloha Fest Fort Qu'appelle Sask, and Saskatchewan Provincial Parks family areas.