Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Stretch, Lift and Discover!

Calling one and all! Welcome to Stretch, Lift and Discover! The workshop where you will push your body to new limits and be introduced to the fascinating world of gymnastics and cheerleading!

Heyo! My names Jessie and in this hour long session, participants will learn new ways to stretch their bodies, and be welcomed into the sport of cheerleading and gymnastics! We will start off with an easy warm up and a few games to get to know everyone followed by a stretch of our entire body, allowing the positive energy of Astral Harvest to flow through. Next, we will split up into small groups and I will begin to show you the basics such as counts, positions and fun movements! We will learn how to safely stunt and catch (yes, that means lifting people into the air!!!!) as well as put together what is called a pyramid for the end of the workshop! We will play lots of games, have mini competitions as well as have a ton-o-fun!!

I have been a competitive cheerleader for over 7 years and a gymnastics coach for two years. I have travelled all across Alberta and Saskatchewan as well as some parts of the United states competing and am a 2018 International Level 4 Champion. My experience with teaching kids (and all ages for that matter) goes back almost 5 years as I am a swim instructor/lifeguard as well. I love working with kids of all ages and abilities and can’t wait to share this experience with everyone!