Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Flow Arts Inner Journeys

Imagine the journey of becoming one with your prop into ecstatic flow. Bring what ever prop suits your fancy such as: hoops, poi, rope darts, staff/s, and/or just your body and move to the grooves of Paravoid. No experience necessary!
Allyson’s love for movement stemmed from music at a very early age. She started playing violin at age 10 and has performed in many different musical groups, including solo DJ’ing and alongside of her partner under their alias Paravoid for the last decade. Music has always been a source of travel, which Paravoid utilizes to take dancers to different states of consciousness. Through Inner Journeys, Ally is able to cultivate a space for complete freedom, safety and sense of self allowing you to blast off while being firmly rooted and grounded. You may also see her performing hoops, fans, and flames. She is a certified Safire Dance Hoop Instructor and an inspired Inner Journeys facilitator. She is passionate about spreading dance and music to inspire and uplift all of humanity.