Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Vibe Risers Capture the Flag!

We will be leading everyone in a multi-generational Capture the Flag game. Our hope is to get as many adults and kids to participate. There is something that happens when all generations come together and play that is very beautiful and transformational. The mission of the game is to get everyone involved!

We will be playing a standard Capture the Flag game, with a divider line, 2 flags, and 2 jails. We will add in the twist of “Jail Break” we find when kids and adults play together this is a good thing to add so that all the little kids aren’t in jail and they can keep playing. We will also use flags, either flaggers tape or another alternate option. This will be important because not everyone will know each other so it helps know who is on your team.

Terra Entheos is mother of three. She is continuously pushed by the planetary needs of her family while being pulled by her deep calling to inspire her children and fellow earth walkers to listen to the guidance of spirit to serve our earth mother. Her experience is interwoven through her passion for lifelong learning and solutions to our present global challenges. After years working with people in crisis and then transitioning to community organizing she currently works for Envision Festival in Costa Rica in myriad of roles.

Heidi Germann, comes from a Community Development, Social Work background that has been heavily influenced by many cultural and spiritual experiences that she has had. Before entering social work she spent 7 years participating in various humanitarian endeavours in a variety of countries.
She is a very creative, enthusiastic individual who loves teaching inspiring, and assisting others to live fun healthier happier lives. Incorporating all the parts of a person (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, social, intellectual nature, art) into the context of community with the planet, and others.