Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


By day, the Tetragrammadome is one of two primary campus venues of Astral Harvard, the festival’s institution of higher learning, and by night transforms into the Flociety’s space: ‘The Nexus’- a most futuristic and sublime place to relax and chill. Primarily a space for spiritual learning, healing and expansion, the Tetragrammadome derives its name from a play on the Hebrew ‘tetragrammaton’ - a 4 letter word, ‘YHWH,’ meaning ‘God’. In sacred geometry and many earth based traditions the number 4, or ‘tetra’, is a powerful perceptual walk around the circle of reality and life. Uncover aspects of your own divinity within or simply gain a new perspective at a conference in the almighty TETRAGRAMMADOME.