Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


Indigo is a party-based harm reduction organization based in Edmonton, Alberta that promotes health education in a safe, supportive, and unbiased environment and encourages community members to make conscious, well-informed decisions for their health and well-being.

What is Harm Reduction?
“Harm Reduction can be used as an umbrella term for programs, policies, and practices that aim to reduce the negative consequences associated with behaviors that are typically considered high-risk. It involves a range of non-judgmental approaches and strategies aimed at providing and enhancing the knowledge, skills, resources and supports for individuals, their families, and communities. Harm Reduction empowers people to make informed decisions to be safer and healthier in any way, big or small.

Harm Reduction is used in many areas of public health and safety. For example, laws requiring seat belt use that reduces harm caused by car accidents. Safe sex campaigns are also a form of Harm Reduction in our community, however the most well known area is in reducing the harm associated with substance use.” - Indigo

In accordance with Canadian law, Astral Harvest Festival is a drug-free event. However we realize, regardless of the law, our Harm Reduction plan and gate policies, and the inherent dangers of illicit drug use, some may still choose to use these substances. With this in mind, we have a proactive approach to Harm Reduction.

The main goal of Indigo Harm Reduction at Astral Harvest will be to provide support systems to attendees so that they may remain healthy and safe during their stay.

“We are still in need of compassionate, caring, positive, and bright-souled volunteers to contribute to the Haven and Harm Reduction teams at Astral Harvest. Please apply at”

Indigo Harm Reduction continues to play a critical role in advocating for the importance of safer spaces, education, and harm reduction strategies specifically at music festivals and nightlife environments.

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