Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


Like obelisks penetrating the heavens, grain elevators have graced the horizons of the prairies for over a century. Resembling silent sentinels, elevators have watched over fields of green and gold, representing majesty, strength and power. The obelisk is a symbol for Ra, God of the Sun, and the timeless archetypal energy of joy, vitality, ego and jubilation. Whereas Wakah Chan is the cavern of Mother Earth, with its lush vegetation, Interstellevator stands strong and brilliant, in direct connection to Father Sky. An elevator is a moving platform, or emissary, for carrying passengers from one place to another. Become a passenger on the elevator of homoluminous consciousness as we harvest the stars and experience ourselves as One. Step through the gateway, get down and dance and Let Love Lift you higher and higher!