Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

The Axis Mundi Theatre

Enter the Axis Mundi Theatre and step into the centre of the world, an avant garden where the heavens, earth and the 4 directions converge to create a meeting point of pure potential. It is at this omphalos, navel or heart of the festival, located near the Marketplace, that you will find a live rockin’ ragbag of a stage with a mishmash of magical artistic delights. The hodgepodge of hip hop, spoken word, acoustic, live bands, peculiar poetry and participatory and pulchritudinous art forms will satiate your eclectic desires down to the marrow. As the clock strikes midnight, the stage transforms into the ultimate chill out space with tranquil tunes and downtempo vibrations. Day, evening or night, walk the worlds with the maven of miscellaneous and experience the infinite manifestations of the cosmic tree of life.