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Astral Harvest is looking for eager and hardworking individuals to help support a number of areas that are integral to the flow of the festival! Our volunteers are the heart of the festival and each one brings their own personal flare to help make Astral Harvest the magical place we know and love!

Recommended that all volunteers be at the festival by Friday afternoon to be able to complete all shifts. If you are unable to be there by Friday afternoon, please indicate on your application. Shifts on some crews run until 6pm on Sunday.

You must be 18+ to Volunteer.


Important Information for 2019



  • All applicants are required to pay a $263.20 deposit (cost of a ticket with GST) before filling out the application. Please note a $20 processing fee and Tickit fees will be deducted during reimbursement of your ticket. After your deposit is paid, you will be provided with a link to fill out the application. You must include your Tickit order number on your application for it to be submitted. If someone else is paying your deposit, please include the legal name of the volunteer in your application.

  • You can NOT use a ticket as a volunteer deposit.

  • If you are accepted as a volunteer your deposit will be refunded after completion of ALL shifts via Tickit within 3 weeks following the festival. If you do not complete all your shifts, your full deposit will be withheld.

  • If you are not accepted as a volunteer, the festival will refund your deposit within 14 days of payment or prior to the festival, whichever is sooner. However, if you are accepted as a volunteer and you can no longer volunteer for any reason within 2 weeks of the start of the festival, you will not be returned your deposit.

  • Under no circumstances will a volunteer deposit be exchanged for a regular ticket. 



  • Email will be our main point of contact, please check it frequently to stay up-to-date with information and communication with our Volunteer Coordinators. Remember to check your junk mail for emails from Tickit and Astral Harvest.

  • There are limited spots to be filled so it is recommended that you submit your application as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the application is the opportunity to show us what you have to offer the festival - we love hard working and fun individuals to help create a weekend of amazing memories for everyone who comes out to play, dance and celebrate!

  • If possible do NOT use a hotmail email address as our volunteer emails will end up in your junk folder.



  • Regular volunteers working during the festival will be required to work 12 hours over the course of the weekend, divided over 2 shifts (this does not apply to PRE & POST-Festival or Super Volunteers).

  • Shifts are selected once on site and checked in at the Volunteer Check-In located at the Main Gate on the Astral Harvest Festival grounds!


International Volunteers:  Please take note when applying for volunteer positions.

  • Astral Harvest welcomes international volunteers. Volunteering for Astral Harvest falls under temporary foreign work that does not require a work visa as the work done does not compete directly with Canadian citizens or Permanent Residents in the Canadian labour market. Astral Harvest is willing to provide a letter acknowledging non competition. This does not apply to post-fest positions, as they are remunerated positions.


Volunteer Areas - Opening February 15, 2019

Astral Advocate -

Have you attended Astral Harvest in the past and feel that you can give information about the festival/ site to fellow harvesters? Do you have good people skills? Are you organized? If you answered yes to these questions, then this might be the area for you! Being a helpful source of information and a friendly representative of the festival is what this area is all about. Information Headquarters is open all hours of the festival and requires eager, organized, experienced and good natured people to be part of this crew.

Carpentry Crew (Pre/Post-Festival) -

Measure twice, Cut once! To work with this crew you must have experience with tools and construction. You must be a safe, hard working individual who can take directions, and work well with a team. You may work at heights and having your own tools is certainly an advantage. This is a hard working crew that works long hours, but has fun getting the job done. You must be available to work pre-festival – Thursday June 27 or Friday June 28 to Thursday July 4 and post-festival July 8 - 11 You will be required to work extended hours pre/post-festival, however, you will be fed homemade meals during this time and be part of the elite set up crew!!

Fun Facilitator - (FULL)

This area requires people who have very unique and special skill set: the ability to facilitate fun for children of all ages, to think on your feet, and have experience working with children. From playing games, imaginary play, crafts, giggles, fun and chatting with caregivers; this position requires you to be enthusiastic! You will also provide assistance to hired child workshop facilitators/performers to manage the children during their workshop/show. If the daytime activities of Astral Harvest are of interest to you (ie. workshops and conferences), this may not be the right crew for you. Shifts will run from morning to early evening on Friday and Saturday with a short shift in the early evening on Thursday. Please provide appropriate references.

Grocery Shoppers: Edmonton Residents Only (Pre-Festival) - (FULL)

We are seeking energetic individuals with endurance to assist our Kitchen Manager with grocery shopping and some food prep in June, close to the date of the festival in Edmonton. This is a tedious job, but extremely unique as you will have all your volunteer shifts completed prior to getting out to festival, leaving you with the entire weekend of the festival commitment free! You must be able to commit to the dates agreed upon, have access to your own vehicle for getting around, have great communication skills, be reliable, enjoy being detailed, efficient, and fun! Expect a few long days, but exact hours to be determined closer to the date.

Hospitality - (FULL)

Do you like to be the host or hostess of the party: making sure people are comfortable, keeping the space tidy and inviting, going above and beyond to create a fun and safe environment...then this might be the crew for you!! This crew will be responsible for the green room and performer area. We are the caretakers of this space, making sure that the performers feel welcome, that they have a contact point to the core crew, and any wandering stragglers are directed out of this area. This position requires you to be alert, trust worthy, self-directed, out-going, comfortable engaging with performers and crew, and a desire to take care of the space. Shifts will be ongoing throughout the festival. Previous attendance to Astral Harvest is a must and knowing someone who is already involved with Astral Harvest is an advantage to being placed on this crew. Experience in the customer service industry is highly recommended. Please provide appropriate references.

Kitchen: During the Festival -

YUM! Be a part of an amazing team that keeps the Astral Harvest crew and performers nourished and well cared for. We are eternally grateful for the epic meals that the kitchen crew creates! We are looking for organised, friendly, focused, hard working, and joyous individuals, who can take directions well, stay on task, and are passionate about food and hospitality. Experience working in a kitchen is an asset. Duties include food preparation and creation, dish washing, general cleaning, and serving. Shifts range from 7:30am to 10:30pm.

Kitchen: Set-up (Pre-festival and Supervisor Shift) - (FULL)

Similar to the description above, however, more hours are required, as you get fed all your meals for pre-fest and during the festival. Start date for this position is Friday June 27th. Experience working in a kitchen is a must. As a Kitchen Supervisor, you are comfortable being a leader and a teammate, you are an honest and clear communicator, are organized, play well with others, and empower individuals to stay on task and shine brightly! Duties include food preparation and creation, dishwashing, general cleaning, and being a familiar happy face in the kitchen. This is a unique and important crew to the overall flow of the festival. It is very fun, empowering, and rewarding.

Kitchen: Tear Down (Post-Festival) - (FULL)

Similar to the Kitchen Set-up description, however, shifts begin Sunday early afternoon (July 7) through till Thursday Evening (July 11). More hours are expected as you will be fed during this time, get your ticket reimbursed, and receive an honorarium equivalent to $10 an hour. Shifts begin early in the morning and consist of 8-10 hours a day. This requires people who are hard working, reliable, energetic, friendly, and have an attention to detail. It is a wonderful experience to bask in the afterglow of Astral Harvest!

Main Gate -

The main gate is the first encounter people have with Astral Harvest. We are looking for outgoing, fun, and organized individuals to make people forget how long they’ve been sitting in a car to get to this amazing wonderland! Duties will include BIG SMILES, giving festival information, collecting tickets/money and wrist-banding festival goers. Shifts will run starting Thursday a10am until Saturday night/Sunday morning at 1am.

Main Gate - Early Arrival -

Same description as above, however, this volunteer position will take place on Wednesday July 3! You will complete all your volunteer hours on this day, therefore, you must be prepared to volunteer a 12 hour day. There will be a scheduled break in the shift, however, you must be ready for a long day, rain or shine. Bring food, energizing snacks, and lots of water! You have to be able to commit to arriving on site Tuesday evening - July 2 (after 6pm only), so you are ready to go for your shift the following day. No food vendors will be open, so you will need to be self sufficient! The bonus of taking on this position is all your volunteer hours are done before the festival begins!!

Site Beauty & Preservation (During) -

This area is extremely important to the presentation and vibe of our festival! We are looking for people who have a passion for keeping the site clean so that everyone can move through the weekend with ease knowing that the land is being respected. We are blessed with the opportunity to use this land and we take great pride in making sure it is being taken care of! Being a part of the S.B.P Crew will entail early morning sunrise and afternoon shifts. Breakfast will be provided for morning shifts to say THANK YOU for beautifying the festival grounds!

Site Beauty & Preservation (Post Festival) - PAID Position -

After feeling the bliss of a magical weekend, join the crew as we tear down and clean, so the site is left the way it was before we arrived. We have been blessed to use this land and take great pride in making sure we leave no trace. Shifts start on the last day of the festival, Sunday afternoon and go until the site is clean – usually until Wednesday early evening (you MUST be able to commit to these days). Along with being fed during the days you are working and being reimbursed for your deposit, you will receive an honorarium equivalent to $10 per hour for post festival tear down. Shifts will consist of 8-10 hours a day. This area requires people who are hard working, reliable, and have an attention to detail. Rain or shine, the site must be cleaned, please come prepared for all weather! You must be able to commit to work from Sunday (July 7) to Wednesday(July 10) evening to qualify for this position.

Site Beauty & Preservation (Pre-Festival) - (FULL)

The main focus for this crew is to set up the site so that festival goers are oriented and safe and that the site functions optimally. Duties range from painting and erecting signage/ post pounding to small tasks related to making sure the site is ready for show time. Due to this being a pre-festival crew, more hours are expected, but you get fed during the days you are working. You will be required to be on site by Saturday June 29 and work until Thursday July 4.

Super Volunteer -

Super Volunteers are extremely important to the flow of the festival. These positions are extremely sought after and they are usually filled by returning volunteers who have proven themselves to be exceptional. Due to the growth of the festival we are reaching out to the Astral Harvest community to fill new Super Volunteer positions, with eager individuals who resonate with the direction of Astral Harvest. Super Volunteers work more hours and take on more responsibilities when on shift. These positions are required for many different crews and it is more of a supervisor role. You need to be responsible, hard working, punctual, self-directed, work well with others, trustworthy, and able to lead an area and direct other volunteers. We have found that people who fit in these positions are experienced festival-goers who have a desire to get more involved in the behind the scenes aspect of the festival rather than just attending or being a regular volunteer. Being a Super Volunteer will change your experience at the festival as you will be spending more time on the festival grounds working and interacting with crew and performers. Super Volunteers' are rewarded with hospitality for the weekend (2 homemade meals a day - brunch and dinner and green room access) and working directly with organizers of the festival. Due to the sensitivity and responsibilities of the Super Volunteer positions, we ask that only serious and committed people apply.

Volunteer Greeter -

Volunteers are the foundation to the flow and execution of Astral Harvest. We are excited for this new crew as it will enhance the experience for all our volunteers this season and for seasons to come by providing a hub for volunteers. In this position you will act as both a greeter and a communication point between volunteers and their coordinators. An ideal candidate for this crew would be someone who is approachable, organized, able to follow important procedures, communicative, and pays attention to details. There are both Super Volunteer and Regular Volunteer positions available. As a Super Volunteer you would be required to be on the festival grounds by noon on Wednesday July 3rd, 2019. Located at the Main Gate, shifts run from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday afternoon. (Guaranteed Saturday night off!!)

Art Studio Custodian  - (FULL)

If you are someone who is outgoing and helpful, enjoys getting crafty, and able to create a hospitable and welcoming space, then this might be the position for you. We are looking for someone to nurture the Synestellar Art Studio space and to make sure that the art workshop facilitators feel comfortable and supported while they share their knowledge with harvesters. Duties will include: assisting workshop facilitators with various tasks, maintaining a clean and tidy space, collecting workshop fees for facilitators, welcoming harvesters and facilitators into the space, providing necessary information, and overall ability to keep things running smoothly from workshop to workshop. Shifts will run during the day on Friday and Saturday, therefore, if you are interested in other daytime workshops and conferences, then this position may not be appropriate for you. However, some accommodating could be made if you were the perfect fit.

The Haven: Sanctuary - (FULL)

Haven crew members are dynamic, engaging, friendly individuals who are seeking a meaningful festival experience through being in service and offering assistance to those working through challenges during the festival. In this position you will be expected to maintain a present mind and an open manner in the face of others' (sometimes difficult) experiences. Our team is there to offer compassion and grounding energy, as well as to facilitate a healthy space for festival goers to journey safely. To work with our team, you must be able to commit to arriving on site by Wednesday early afternoon, to be ready to go for that evening. There will be MANDATORY pre-festival training sessions required. Interested parties will be provided with more information following their initial application.

Harm Reduction - (FULL)

Nerd out with the science crew! We're here to give folks the info they need to make the choices about how they party that are right for them. We offer many different services and a host of literature and supplies to make everyone's party safer. We offer a welcoming and non-judgmental space where folks can come and access a huge collective wealth of information about safer substance use, safer sex, and safer partying in general. To work with our team, you must be able to commit to arriving on site by Wednesday early afternoon, to be ready to go for that evening. We also require either some prior knowledge of common party substances and their physiological effects and interactions; an understanding of chemistry or biochemistry; or front-line work or volunteer experience with users of any types of drugs. We are dynamic, engaging, and keep an open mind. There will be MANDATORY pre-festival training sessions required. Interested parties will be provided with more information following their initial application.

Fire Jam Safety Steward - (FULL)

If you love to or enjoy watching others spin fire then this may be the area for you! Past fire spinning and safety experience recommended but anyone friendly, responsible with a keen eye for maintaining a fun safety orientated space is who we want here. You will be greeting jam participants, supervising dip and spinning area, and ensuring all participants are following the rules of the space. Ability to enforce rules in a calm and respectful way is a must! This position does require you to be on your A-game at peak hours of the festival, but you will only be required to volunteer approximately 9.5 hours rather than the usual 12 hours required for volunteering and you will be right beside Interstellevator (Main Stage) for your shifts. Hours required to work are 21:30-1:30 Friday and Saturday night as well as mandatory attendance to the Fire Safety Workshop Forum Friday afternoon.

Massage Therapy Hospitality Crew -

Are you a Massage Therapist looking for a new outlet to practice your trade? Volunteering for the Massage Therapy Hospitality Crew is a great way to get involved with the festival and help out those lovely people who work so hard to create the magic of Astral Harvest! (Its also a fun way to pick up a few volunteering credits for your association!). Volunteers must be 2200 hour certified minimum and be a member in good standing with one of the following:MTAA, RMTA, or NHPC. Each therapist will be required to complete 8 volunteer hours over the course of 2 days during the festival.


Volunteer Deposit

All applicants are required to pay the volunteer deposit before applying.

Volunteer Application