Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival


AWAKE is a morning journey of the phoenix rising. This process is carefully co-created through uplifting selections of music mixed by DJs that accompany a Tai Chi revitalizing warm-up, freestyle aerobic dancing, and intervals of short cardio bootcamps lead by an instructor. AWAKE raises the collective energy of those attending to share a natural euphoric state aimed to bring a morning of shared celebration. Join the movement that has been sweeping major cities all over the world. Rise and shine with AWAKE.

@ 1030am: DJs playing chill-out music, stretching, healthy tea & coffee and socializing.

@ 11am Drala Tai Chi is a quick and simple warm up to raise your energy and feel AWAKE. The pattern taught to Drala by a Tai Chi & Wing Chun Kung Fu master is the perfect way to recover from fatigue, align the body for dancing, and stimulate a deep connection not just to music, but the entire AWAKE experience.

@ 1115am our DJs turn up the positive and inspiring dance tracks to get you moving! Our DJs are first class, with experience playing in major festivals and clubs all over the world.

As the music reaches its most energetic track of the morning, Qi-momentum bootcamp takes center stage and gets you sweating with classic moves like jumping jacks, skipping, squats, push-ups, lunges and a variety of martial arts. All of these movements are designed to move a lot of energy and allow a major release of any stress you may have accumulated over the past week.

@ 1215pm the DJs bring the music down in tempo to allow you to connect back to your body, socialize, and reflect on your experience.

@ 1230 you leave AWAKE feeling inspired, energized, and ready to be the best version of yourself.