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Through the Dark: The Practice of Accessing Your Inner Light with Kali Yuga & The Genesa Project @ WAKAH CHAN

Sometimes, when we get caught up in circumstances which we cannot control, we can feel powerless. There is always opportunity to empower ourselves from within by connecting back to the powerful inner light that exists within all of us. This 90 minute workshop is an intro on how to deeply connect back to our inner light through intention setting, breath, movement and stillness. It is this inner light that is our true internal stability foundation.

1. INTRO AND INTENTION SETTING: Focus on reflecting on what challenges are present for us in our personal lives right now and what we need to cultivate in order to deal with these challenges.

2. GENTLE HATHA YOGA ASANA: We attach our intentions alongside our breath and movement.

3. INNER LIGHT MEDITATION: Guided meditation in stillness where we settle into the rebound created from the active practice, visualizing our inner light shining through the darkness.

4. JOURNALING EXERCISE: Here we reflect back on what we are holding onto that is no longer serving us to access our highest power, our inner light.

"or, the light with which is free from all suffering and sorrow"- Yoga Sutra 1.36

About me:
Kaitlynn has been teaching yoga in Edmonton and area for two years and is passionate about helping others with mental health struggles and illness through her teaching. She has wrestled with intermittent depression and anxiety since adolescence and a regular yoga practice, meditation and ritual have helped to provide some light in those dark, heavy times. Her main goal as a teacher is to share these tools that have personally benefited her in hopes of helping other's heal and deal with their own internal struggles. Kaitlynn's classes are structured to be accessible for every BODY. Kaitlynn is a 500hr certified yoga teacher with strong roots in the Moksha Yoga Community. She will always be a student first, and is grateful for what her students teach her. When she isn't teaching or practicing yoga you can find her traveling, snowboarding during the winter, camping during the summer and finding solace alone with her paintings.