Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Yoga Nidra Sound Journey with Fingertips @ THE MANOR

Join Sheena & Joel for an afternoon of deep renewal and sweet bliss. Sheena will guide you through a short gentle hatha session and the relaxing practice of yoga nidra. Yoga Nidra is a deeply healing practice that takes one into the states between waking and dreaming. It allows you to be a witness, rather than identifying with what is arising. The class will be accompanied by live music with Joel on the hand pan. Please bring something to lie on, a light sweater, and something soft for your head. No experience necessary.

Sheena - "The true meaning of Yoga (Union), as my path is consistently delivering me to the shores of the unexpected. Where I trade my plotted expectations for freedom as it stitches my parts together in all their beauty, loveliness, vulnerability, clinging, scared forms. As I weave, I am ever grateful to my teachers, peers, students, family and friends for their constant deliverance to the universal lesson of allowance, as there is no greater space for all parts, all beings to reside than in the space of the unconditioned heart."

Joel - After discovering the sound of the Hang in a Shpongle video in 2007, Joel immediately started scouring the internet in search of a maker that would have one available. He contacted many makers and added himself to several mailing lists over the course of the next four years until one day the opportunity finally presented itself! He had finally been contacted by the makers of the Halo! Which at the time (2011) were hands down the best makers in the business. Fast forward 7 years and Joel has been playing his handpan for several gatherings from guided meditations to yoga classes. The soundscapes created by his playing will put you into a trance, creating a pathway for a deeper connection with yourself and your practice.