Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Relax and Restore Yoga with Sound Vibes @ The Axis Mundi Theatre

Sound Vibes believes that yoga and music can help heal the body, mind and soul. We are on a mission to teach people how to
R E L A X. Using vibrations from the music and the rhythm of your breath, we will move through a dynamic restorative practice to unwind and restore. Whether you are on your mat on the regular or you are venturing out for your first time into a class, we got you. Sarah dishes out all the variations and adjustments in her class to ensure you find the perfect sensation...the balance between effort and ease in every posture, while Gatsby (Cody) supports the practice from behind the turntables. He provides a vibration through music to help keep you present in your body and the experience. Expect to hear music from the likes of Bwoy De Bhajan, Kalya Scintilla, Kaya Project , Goopsteppa, The Dessert Dwellers, Clozee, and more as Gatsby and Sarah guide you on your journey in through yoga and sound. In a world where we are overstimulated, distracted, and under relaxed, it is a necessity to make time to go in and assess your inner world and soothe the nervous system. This workshop will ensure you are back on that dance floor ready to groove all day and all night.

Sarah Farrell is a yoga teacher and DJ from Edmonton, Canada. Her dedication to the inner revolution is real. She found yoga 4.5 years ago after she was hit by a car in a crosswalk. Life changed in that instant and it launched her into a life long journey of self healing and self discovery. Moving away from conventional western medicine, she found herself in yoga classes unwinding the trauma and stress in the mind and body from the accident and everything that came before. Through this process, she has realized that we all have the ability to heal ourselves. In 2016, she took her teacher training at the SATTVA School of Yoga in Edmonton and hasn't stopped teaching since. Her passion is sharing the healing therapies of yoga and music to empower others to turn inwards, to take a look inside, assess the inner landscape and do the work needed.

Cody Homa has been managing, and DJing in the industry in Edmonton for 6 years with Blueprint Alberta. His extensive experience and knowledge of proper opening sets and how music can enhance any experience has been beneficial for him as he sets the vibe just right in every set he plays. Cody’s love for house music runs deep, but his appreciation and acknowledgement of all genres of music allows him to perfectly select each track for his yoga sets. His skills on the turn tables amplify the experience by uniting the breath with the rhythm of the beat.