Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

Root Pulse Yoga Flow & Nidra with Sheena & DJ Nada Deva @ Interstellevator

Melting mind into Heart and Heart into Hips. A rhythm of song born of the meeting of body with Earth speaking her language of the deep dark and delicious into our bones. The Welcomed wild in union with her slow and low pulse, speaks in tongue known to marrow within bone, and ears willing to widen can hear the tones.

In this Workshop you're welcomed to move in the pace of the root chakra, slowing mind to the speed of feet, while a steady exploration of hips and pelvis encourages a unification of the inner body. When the outer body becomes still, we begin our exploration of the opened inner body through spaces of refined surrender.

Bio: The true meaning of Yoga (Union), as my path is consistently delivering me to the shores of the unexpected. Where I trade my plotted expectations for freedom as it illuminates the beauty, loveliness, vulnerable, clinging, fearful experiences, and more so, the filters from which I experience life through. What I have learned in all of this, is that all of life is passing, what shatters when it is seen falls away and I am dropped in to the great unknown, opened and surrendered. Awareness has become the thread stitching all parts of the path together. As I weave, I am ever grateful to my teachers, peers, students, family and friends for their consistent deliverance to the universal lesson of allowance, as there is no greater space for all parts, all beings to reside than in the space of the unconditioned heart.