Astral Harvest Music & Arts Festival

YogiDance & Twerk with Queen C & DJ High Sobriety @ The Axis Mundi Theatre

Experience liberation through the magically mesmerizing African rooted dance style known as Twerking as we celebrate the cycles of the moon.  In this yoga based dance workshop, Char from InnerVerse Connect warms you up with YogiDance movement therapy based in yoga and calisthenics along with body awareness exercises to experience twerking as a celebration of your body and soul. You learn the basics of booty work to liven up your Kundalini energy while utilizing ancient yoga postures in a purposeful, non-appropriative setting. We return to the true nature of the dance in a ceremonial celebration of the moon in connection to our bodies.

You will learn to question, with your mind and body, how you can navigate this Africanist movement in body-affirming ways outside of the standard Euro-centric dance studio choreography context. Char invites you to build your pelvic strength while exploring the capacity of your anatomy and celebrating your booty. You will learn the necessary tools to reset and stabilize your pelvis, relieve lower back pain and connect to your sacred space.

Whether your ritual space be at a club, in your bedroom, girl nights out or at home, this workshop give you the tools to embody the twerk and liberate your chakras!

Bring your yoga mat, and come in shorts or pants that are looser fitted. No dance or yoga experience necessary! Come with an open mind, loving heart and I promise, the booty will follow!